We want to add a Jr. Joey Program.

This is not a babysitting service but a meaningful program for kids 6 to 12 years in clowning and entertaining.
I myself have grand kids in that age bracket. Most of them have been exposed to clowning parents and grandparents and they have learned to have a good time and learned how to laugh but – we hope to encourage and help them to learn to channel their enthusiasm and abilities a more effective way to express themselves. Not to just being silly and getting themselves into trouble.
Another important facet of Clown Fun Camp 2013 – Proceeds from registrations will be going to a charity. The charity will be an orphanage project in South America. We want to help in the building and or supply some needs of an orphanage/school. As all clowns should at least be and are, small “c” caring clowns, this fits in with what we are training for and getting together about. The motive here is not denominational, it is to show some very needy kids, we care for them. Clown Fun has always been a time of great fellowship, learning and enjoyment and we want to add some more purpose for the event.
Have a “Fun Day”
Elmer (aka SlingShot) Reimer
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